28 Dec 2015

Party Planner Singapore Top Activities

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Wondering what you should plan for your children’s upcoming birthday party? Ask the kids party planner singapore experts at Go Go Kids Party! Here are some great activities that are suitable for children aged 4-8.

  • Kids Magic Shows


From the age of 4-7, children are most receptive to magic shows as they are marvelled by everything that goes around them! Getting your party planner singapore to arrange for a kids magician would bring loads of fun and entertainment for children whom you have invited. This is often the highlight entertainment for most birthday parties due to the amount of excitement it creates.

This classic activity and all-time favourite is a popular hit amongst many Singapore Party Planner. Combining vibrant colours and wonderful creative designs, balloon sculpting engages children from as young as 2-year-olds all the way to adults. Older children and adults are often captivated by the complexity of advanced balloon sculptures while younger children are in it to see their imagination come to live in the form of balloon sculptures.

  • Face Painting Activity

Turn your child into any character he/she desires to be! From the superheroes such as Spiderman and Captain America to the princesses from Disney’s “Frozen” and “Beauty & The Beast”. Face painting can be especially popular amongst all-girls birthday parties. Boys can join in and get their favourite designs painted on too! For those who are less keen on getting their faces painted on, they can have their favourite designs painted on their hands.

  • Mascots Characters

Turn your child’s imaginary friend to reality by hiring a costumed mascot for your upcoming birthday party! This is one of the more unusual party activities that is being done in Singapore. The kids would dash forward to try and hug and take pictures with their favourite mascot. From Stormtrooper from the Starwars franchise to Barney the dinosaur, this will make perfect phototaking opportunities for you and your loved ones. You may even request for a games segment with the mascot character if conditions allow it!

  • Interactive Games Segment

Nothing quite beats having a games segment in a birthday party programme. The children are given the time and space to interact with one another as they participate in the games organised by the games master. The expert party planner Singapore at Go Go Kids Party will ensure that everyone takes part in the games unlike magic performances which can be considered to be more of passive activity to ensure everyone gets a chance to have fun.

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